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Welcome to Bridgewater Youth Lacrosse



Coach Matt Connolly and his players are hosting a FREE clinic this Saturday, May 14th for our Youth Lacrosse Players. Come on down and go through a series of drills with the High School players!

When: Saturday, May 14th

Time: 10am - 12pm

Where: BR High School Turf

Ages: Boys 4 - 16 yrs old (they will be put in to age appropriate groups)

*You must wear  your full equipment - helmet, gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, mouth piece and stick

Make sure to bring a water too!



Here is the boys practice schedule going forward starting this Tuesday, April 12th...


Tuesdays - PRACTICE 

5 - 6pm - U7, U9 and U11 (Pre-K - 4th graders)

6 - 7:30pm - U13 and U15 (5th - 8th graders)

Thursdays - PRACTICE

5 - 6pm - U7, U9 and U11 (Pre-K - 4th graders)

6 - 7:30pm - U13 and U15 (5th - 8th graders)


Sunday - GAMES

U7 and U9 (Pre-K - 2nd grader) - 8 - 9:30am - U7 and U9 (Pre-K - 2nd graders)

U11,U13 and U15 (3rd-8th grade) - times vary from 8am - 5pm



GIRLS - click on the PINK "GIRLS REGISTRATION" button on the right. 

BOYS - click on the RED "REGISTER NOW" button on the right.

***When registering for BOYS Spring Lacrosse - it will direct you to the US Lacrosse website where you will have to either renew your membership or get a new membership. You need to pay the mandatory $25 US Lacrosse fee here in order to complete your registration.  This applies to each child. You MUST also enter the DATE OF BIRTH of the ADULT on the first page of US Lacrosse.  When you complete the US lacrosse membership it will then send you back to the BYL website to complete your spring registration.***


*A $25 late fee per child will be added to all spring registrations entered on February 1st or later. This is in addition to the Family Maximum and any US Lacrosse membership fees. 


Bridgewater Youth Lacrosse Philosophy   

There are no standings kept, no league championship or playoffs. We play all players as equally as possible with the goal of teaching the sport and providing a fun experience for all involved. We police ourselves in the effort to provide an outlet for kids that has not been swept up in the pressure filled, win-at-all-cost mania that is too present in today's youth sports.

To operate a youth lacrosse league among several teams for both boys and girls living in the town of Bridgewater and its surrounding communities.  To provide instruction and training for lacrosse through organized clinics and camps.

To engage in activity that may carefully be carried out by a corporation that is organized under Chapter 180 of the Massachusetts General laws and that is exempt from federal income taxation under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as in effect or as amended from time to time.

Our Mission Statement: 

The Bridgewater Youth Lacrosse is dedicated to promoting the sport of lacrosse for boys and girls participating in the Bridgewater Youth Lacrosse program. We aspire to be an organization providing a high quality experience for every child, rooted in a culture striving for the highest personal integrity and physical fitness. Our core values include:

Providing equal opportunity for all players;

Creating a positive spirit of competition based on the principles of The Positive Coaching Alliance Developing an appreciation for personal effort, commitment, and teamwork

By maintaining a positive and supportive environment provided by both coaches and parents, we seek to help our children develop exemplary behaviors they will carry through adulthood in the tradition of those who came before us.

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